Patient Financial Services

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Patient Financial Services
Patient Financial Services Staff

The Patient Financial Services Department, or Business Office, provides emergency room, outpatient, clinic, and inpatient admission/registration services. The department also handles insurance billing, collections, and switchboard operations.

Financial Arrangements

  • Charges not covered by Medicare or other insurance will be the responsibility of the patient/guarantor.
  • Individuals presenting for service or admission without valid insurance coverage will need to make arrangements regarding payment. Our Patient Financial Counselor may be reached at 270-487-9231, ext. 1141.
  • Charges for professional services by the radiologist will be billed separately by their office.


Monroe County Medical Center accepts assignment for all covered Medicare services and will bill the Medicare program on the patient's behalf. If the patient has supplemental insurance, the hospital will bill the carrier as well. All charges for non-covered services, as well as any deductible or coinsurance amounts, will be the patient/guarantor's responsibility. The Medicare Clerks may be reached at 270-487-9231, ext. 1162 or ext. 1142.


Monroe County Medical Center accepts all insurance for covered plan services and, as a courtesy, will bill the insurance carrier for the patient. However, the patient/guarantor will ultimately be responsible for payment including all applicable deductible or coinsurance amounts.

The hospital expects insurance payment within thirty (30) days of final billing. If payment is not received, the patient is encouraged to call their insurance carrier and assist in obtaining payment. The Insurance Clerk may be reached at 270-487-9231, ext. 1320.

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