Complaint Procedure

If you, as a patient of Monroe County Medical Center, have a question, concern, or complaint regarding your care of treatment, you may express your concerns by utilizing one of the following procedures

For Inpatients:

  • Dial "O" for operator and ask to speak with the compliance officer or a representative of Administration.

  • Ask your nurse or staff member for paper to submit a written complaint. Written complaints should also be directed to the office of the Compliance Officer or Administration.

  • Complete a Patient Questionnaire. You will receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey in the mail after your discharge.

For Outpatients

  • Call the hospital and request to speak with the compliance officer or a representative of Administration.

  • Ask the Registration Clerk for an outpatient Customer Satisfaction Survey card. The card may be mailed to MCMC or presented to the Compliance Officer or to the office of Administration.

For All Patients

As a patient of Monroe County Medical Center, you have a right to file a complaint with any of the following regulatory agencies:

Regulatory Agencies
Monroe County Medical Center Healthcare Ethics Line 1-800-340-5877
Kentucky State Ombudsman 1-800-372-2973
Joint Commision Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations 1-800-994-6610
Kentucky Medicaid Fraud Hotline 1-800-372-2970
Office of Inspector General Devision of Licensing and Regulation 1-606-878-7827
Protective Service Agencies
BRASS, Inc., Spouse Abuse Center, 24-Hour Crisis Line 1-800-928-1183
LifeSkills, Inc. 1-800-223-8913
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Info 1-800-432-0337
Crime Victim Info Line 1-800-372-2551
Parent Helpline (confidential assistance with parenting problems) 1-800-372-2551
Domestice Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

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