Monroe County Medical Center Indigent Care Policy

The purpose of this policy is to decrease the burden indigent patients may bear in the cost of healthcare. Monroe County Medical Center will provide adjustments to the medical bills for indigent patients who have no insurance coverage and no other source of reimbursement outside of the Patient / Guarantor. The adjustments will be made based on the Patient / Guarantor meeting both the Income Level and Resource Limit criteria as follows:

Income Level Resource Limit Criteria Percent of Adjustment
100% or less
( of Federal Poverty Level )
100% or less 100%
101% to 150%
( of Federal Poverty Level )
101% to 150% 75%
151% to 200%
( of Federal Poverty Level )
151% to 200% 50%

Poverty Level and Resource Limit Amounts

The following table shows the Poverty Level and Resource Limit amounts for various household sizes.

Household Size Resource Limit 100% of the Poverty Level
(Monthly Income Limit)
100% of the Poverty Level
(Annual Income Limit)
1 $2,000.00 $903.00 $10,830.00
2 $4,000.00 $1,214.00 $14,570.00
3 $4,050.00 $1,526.00 $18,310.00
4 $4,100.00 $1,837.00 $22,050.00
5 $4,150.00 $2,149.00 $25,790.00

Additional Information

  • All income of a family unit is to be counted and a family unit includes:
    • The individual
    • The individual's spouse who lives in the home
    • A parent or parents, of a minor child, who lives in the home
    • All minor children who live in the home

  • Related and nonrelated household member(s) who do not fall into one of the groups listed above shall be considered a separate family unit.

  • Countable resources are limited to cash, checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and money market accounts.

  • Countable resources may be reduced by unpaid medical expenses of the family unit to determine eligibility.

If you feel you meet the above indigent care policy provisions, please contact our Patient Financial Counselor at (270) 487-9231, extension 1141.

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