Infection Control Precautions for Visitors, Parents, and Family

Visitors and family are at risk for exposure to microorganisms when they visit health-care facilities. The following guidelines are to be followed by all visitors to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

  • Check with the nurse before entering the room of any patient with transmission-based precautions noted on the door.

  • Follow instructions by the nursing staff for prevention of disease transmission.

  • Avoid handling patient-care equipment unless trained to do so.

  • Avoid handling of body secretions unless directly involved in the patient's care and trained to do so.

  • Avoid eating or drinking from the patient's tray.

  • Avoid visiting the hospital when sick with a communicable disease and especially during times of high levels of community illness.

  • Practice good handwashing. Visitors should wash their hands after assisting any patient-care activity, after using the restroom, and before eating.

  • Visitors are not permitted in the Operating Room, the Post-Operative Recovery area, the Central Processing area, the Soiled Utility areas, the Linen Service areas, Food Preparation areas, or the Pantry.

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